Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Way Opening (Quote)

I have been feeling very stuck lately. Stuck, stuck, stuck, stuck. Did I mention stuck? While rereading How to Let God Help You by Myrtle Fillmore, I found the following quote, which seems to address my frustration. I have been contemplating the message all morning.
When we know just what we want and why we want it, we usually find the way opening toward it.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Blessing for Our Tai Chi Class

This week we have our first Tai Chi class of the semester. Many of us in the group have been studying with Bob for over a decade. Below is a little blessing for us and for all the other Tai Chi students around the world who practice so diligently.

May we encourage one another to continue to grow in the Tai Chi form. 
May we become more adept at cultivating our chi, so that we can be healthier in mind and body. 
May we discover new ways to be safe in the world. 
May we strengthen our center of calm, so that we can feel more peaceful as we go about our lives. 
May we learn and laugh together this semester.