Monday, December 22, 2014

Intermal vs. External Source of Solutions (Prayer)

Dear Divine Source,
I encounter so many different types of situations, major and minor challenges, where I am not clear when to act alone, when to rely on others, and when to work in partnership with others. Guide me to the right and perfect helpers. Provide me with the means and knowledge to fairly compensate them. Help me to know how and when to take responsibility for my own life, whether simply to manage my own thoughts and reactions, or whether to take physical action. Help me to know when to go it alone, being mindful that I am never really alone, that you are always with me. Help me to know when to collaborate with others, and guide us to work with right hearts and mutual respect.

You are my Source. You are the solution to every challenge I can possibly face. Yet, the earthly medium for the solutions in my life come through a dance of independence, interdependence, and dependence. Moment by moment, beyond a shadow of a doubt, help me to know which means is the best. Help me to know your true answers in my heart.

As always, thank you for all the blessing in my life and all the blessings to come.