Friday, January 29, 2010


I have often heard the parable of the man who put his ladder against a wall and worked hard for years to climb to the top only to find that he has put his ladder against the wrong wall. Today I am feeling conflicted, not so much scattered as feeling unclear as to what is the best use of my time.

Dear God, I like to work hard but I know that isn’t enough to succeed and to be happy. You can are present everywhere and know everything. You can see the larger picture. Guide me to know what is the best use of my time and efforts today. Guide me in creating my long term goals as well as my daily “to do” lists so that I can manifest the greatest good for myself and those whose lives I might touch. As always, I am grateful.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Concern for a Friend--Emotions

Awhile ago I received an e-mail asking for prayers for a friend. Here is an affirmation I wrote in response.

God is always with me, and God is always with my friend. The universe is now drawing to him the people who can support him in being well balanced and happy. The universe helps him interact with people in a positive and constructive manner. The universe also guides me in my relationship with my friend. This could be reflected in my speech with my friend or in my actions. It may mean that I put our relationship on hold for awhile or even say good-bye. I now let go of all concern and put my friend in God’s capable hands.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Connection with God

I experience my connection with God as a tangible thing, one that I know I can rely on. I take time each day to strengthen my awareness of my connection. How I do this may change from day to day or as I go through different phases of my life. I do not judge myself by how I connect with God. I instead concern myself with just making the effort to do it.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Prayer for Haiti

God, I know you are with the people of Haiti today. Please guide the rescuers so that they can quickly find those who are trapped. Give the health practitioners strength and wisdom to help those who are injured. Give healing and comfort to the survivors. Help them to rebuild their lives and their homes.

Open the hearts of those of us around the world that are not directly affected by this tragedy. Guide us so that we can each help in the best way, whether it is through our prayers, financial donations, or some other way. Help us know that your love, power, and wisdom is present everywhere.

For all this and more we give thanks.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Feeling Grounded

I enjoy exploring esoteric and higher realms. At the same time, I know that I have been incarnated for a purpose. I spend time each day turning my attention to the world around me. I enjoy how the earth supports my body. I may choose to explore how the bottoms of my feet feel as I walk. I may choose to explore how my back, buttocks, and legs feel as I sit in a chair or on the ground. I may spend a few moments each day paying attention to the sounds, to the fragrances and odors, and to the colors and shapes in my everyday environment, without making any effort to think about what I am taking in with my senses. I may choose to spend time on a regular basis interacting with nature, perhaps holding a pretty shell or a stone, feeling the bark of a tree or the veins of a leaf, watching the movements of the clouds or an animal, smelling flowers or the air after a storm. I am Spirit, but I am also connected to everyone and everything on the earth. I choose to celebrate that today.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Feeling Scattered

Right now, in this moment, I love myself, including the part of me that is feeling scattered. I know that there is another part of me, one that has total clarity. I take a deep breath and connect with that part. It is calm, yet focused. It knows exactly how to prioritize any tasks that may be competing for my time. It knows exactly how to organize any information that is floating around in my head. It knows what to do next. My vision is now clear. My path is now sure. For this I give thanks.

Friday, January 1, 2010


May your resolutions help you reach for a star
And on your quality of life raise the bar.

May you daily hear a Celestial voice in your mind
So for your goals regular encouragement you find.

May you feel a force pulling you away from the things you are giving up
And instead pour health, happiness, kindness and fidelity in your cup.

As the weeks of the year go by
May you look upon your progress with a contented sigh.

And when the year has drawn to a close
May you see checkmarks besides the goals you chose.