Sunday, October 31, 2010

Politics—Healing Affirmation

I told one of my Tai Chi mates yesterday that I was tired of being an angry person. The election (here in the United States) is evidently pushing some of my buttons. I am angry at all three parties, both for similar and different reasons. I think I know a little bit better how people felt during the civil war: brother against brother, friend against friend. We seem like the “Divided People of America.” This morning, I woke up with the following affirmation playing in my brain. This is decided New Thought, as I suppose are most affirmations.

No matter who is in office, my thoughts still help create my reality.
This is a law, no different from gravity or any other universal principle.
I choose to think thoughts of love and of cooperation.
I choose to think thoughts of high employment and prosperity.
I choose to think thoughts of health for all people.
I choose to see people as basically intelligent and compassionate.
I choose to see a country that is flexibility and adaptability to a rapidly changing world.
I can not see all the ways that the future will unfold, so I let go and let God create what is for the highest good.

Friday, October 29, 2010


The world seemed almost perfect to me as I walked to the library just as it was opening this morning. After a few days of almost 50 mile an hour winds, the air was cool and crisp, but comfortable as I tried out my new ear wraps. The sun was softly filtered through the bare branches of trees. The squirrels were playing with each other and, I thought, with passing humans. Even the librarians seemed to have a look of bliss, as if to say, “yes, now I remember why I wanted to be a librarian.” Actually, I think they just had a bunch of new books processed and were excited to see them.

Here is a beautiful quote from Ernest Holmes:

When the dawn breaks and the shadows flee, when the hills are touched with the rosy glow of the sun’s first rays, I wake to the thought that I am one with all life. I lift mine eyes to the Eastern sky and sing with joy of one who beholds the Eternal Presence in everything.

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Our neighborhood is filled with Halloween decorations, including one yard that has almost every blank space covered with something. The picture is from the yard of one of my holiday happy neighbors.

May your Halloween be frightful
Your treats delightful.

May your costume bring acclaim
Your decorations earn you fame.

May you shriek, laugh and boo
And may you stay safe, too.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Lost Pet

Yesterday a man was going door to door in our neighborhood, pulling his four year old son in a wagon, handing out flyers to help find their lost cat.

May your pet soon be found safe and without harm.
May you soon be snuggling and cuddling together in the warm.

May you have many more years of laughter,
Many more years of fun.

May you have many more years of playing together
Basking in the gentle sun.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Weather Blessing

The weather report is ominous today, and so I wrote this blessing to stave off a panic attack.

Wherever you may be
Whenever you may roam or dwell
May the weather be your friend.

May the breezes be gentle,
Lightly kissing your face
With warmth or with cool
Depending upon the season.

May the snow fall softly,
Giving beauty to your world,
Providing protection for plant and animal,
Sending giggles to children,
Supplying sport to old and young alike.

May the rain fall kindly.
Slowly filling lake and river,
Providing life to critter and human,
Tree and flower.

May the sun shine tenderly,
Melting winter snow and ice,
Coaxing plants to grow and bloom,
Relieving cold and damp,
Revealing the beauty of nature.

Whatever the clouds or clear may send your way,
May God’s love enfold you as you go about your day.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


As the days grow colder may your home be comfortable and cozy.

May the love of friends keep your heart rosy.

As you come and go may you stay warm.

May the protection of God keep you from all harm.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Worship in Silence

Here is another beautiful quote from The Soul’s Companion by Tian Dayton, PhD:

I worship in silence, in the quiet sounds of nature. I am not guided by words and thoughts but by awe and wonder.

Friday, October 22, 2010

October Sadness

Over the years a number of extraordinary women in my life have passed away in October.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


I have been engaged in big time avoidance for the last few weeks. I need to finish a task this morning before I go to lunch. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200. It will be done.

May you be both gentle and firm with yourself.

May you have compassionate for the parts of yourself that are afraid of failure or demand perfection; that dislike boring, dirty or unpleasant tasks; that are fearful of difficulty or an uncertain outcome; or that conjure up upsetting memories; but may you give those parts little influence in directing your actions.

May you effortlessly find the part of yourself that is disciplined and that feels satisfaction in the completion of a task.

May you begin without much fuss or bother.

May you find some unexpected joy or reward in the doing.

May your task be much easier and completed quicker than you expected.

Lastly, may you feel relief in the task now well done.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Child of the Universe

May you truly believe that you are a beloved child of the universe.

May you know in your core that you were created on purpose, that your gender, race, sexual orientation, and physical characteristics were intentionally created by the Divine because they are needed in the world at this point in time.

May you day by day play your unique part, contributing to the wonderful symphony of life.

May every day you find some joy and also bring a little joy into the world around you.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Healthy Heart

I have gotten into a very, very bad habit of saying “This just breaks my heart.” Here is my rebuttal.

I now release all sadness and allow God’s comfort to envelop me.
Divine perfection fills every cell of my body and governs every organ.
My heart is whole and strong.
It beats at the perfect rate, in the perfect rhythm.
Blood flows easily through my body at the perfect pressure.
My blood vessels provide clear passage and are flexible channels.
I feel loved and wanted by God and by my fellow beings.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Blessing for the Week 1

May your week not go as planned, but be even better.
May you meet with happy coincidences, synchronicities, and serendipities.
May twinkles of joy surround you and may have friends to share them with.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Listening to Drummers

On my way to the grocery store, I walked past a college drum squad practicing on the football field. I half closed my eyes, without walking into anything, and just tried to hear the beat and feel it in my body. No small task. I realized that being attentive to the drumming was a wonderful metaphor to truly being attentive to the individuals I interact with.

May I truly listen without judgment to each person’s unique cadence.
May I hear the deeper meaning that lies beneath the words that are spoken and the tiny gestures that are made.
May I sense the feelings behind the speech and actions.
May I be aware of the beliefs that drive the rhythm of each person’s life.
May I see the beauty in each soul that I meet and allow myself to be truly blessed by their presence.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Retort to Bullying

While I am neither a parent nor a student, I feel compelled to address the issue of bullying in my own way. This blessing is for those who have been the target of bullying.

May you be safe.
May you be protected by forces both human and Divine.
May you find your own power, knowing that it comes in many forms.
May you be surrounded by people who value you just as you are.
May your days be filled with friends who share your interests, care about you, and help you to laugh.
May this time of pain soon be a distant memory.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Part of the Mystery

I read this wonder affirmation by Tian Dayton, PhD in The Soul’s Companion, and I just had to share it.

I love the universe and it loves me. I am meant to be part of the Divine mystery.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Autumn Blessings

According to the local weather report, today is forecast to be a perfect autumn day.

May you embrace the joy of this autumn day with all your senses.

May the colors of this day remind you that beneath the surface of appearances God is health, prosperity and power.

May the rustling of the leaves today remind you that God continually speaks to you and there is always an answer to every problem you may have.

May the warmth of this day remind you that you are always enfolded in God’s protection.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Dying Friend

Yesterday afternoon, I went to say good-bye to Gwenne, my 91 year old friend from church who is on her deathbed. Between pain medication and the dying process, she was in some between state and didn’t or couldn’t swim up to acknowledge us. She is dying at home with her daughter and a nurse nearby.

I can’t pretend to know what it like to die,
But I do know I want to bless you with all my heart.

May you feel the love of all us praying for you today.

May you be aware of the gratitude we send to you
For your friendship, your wisdom, your tenacity,
And for so many other contributions you have made to our lives.
We are better because of knowing you.

May your transition be gentle and peaceful.

May the angels you loved so much in life
Now guide you to the other side.

May you be met by friends and family who have gone before.
May happy reunions await you.

May you be enfolded in God’s light and love now
And forever more.