Friday, April 18, 2014

Prayer for Earth Day 2014

Dear God,
What a wild ride this past winter has been! Many of us couldn’t stop talking about it. We complained, but underneath it all we were scared. How were we going to go about our daily lives? Is this the beginning of something new and terrible? What will our children and grandchildren face?

On this Earth Day we turn to you. We thank you for this Earth that is so necessary for our existence. We are grateful for its beauty. We are grateful for the air and water. We are grateful for its ability to grow food. We are grateful for the temperature that is still within a range where we can live.

We believe in your power and love to help keep this Earth as a good place for us to live. We also know that you expect us to be good stewards. Guide us to do those things that will nurture the Earth and help restore it to a healthy equilibrium. Guide our day to day actions as individuals to live in harmony with the Earth. Guide the actions of the leaders of companies and countries to help create a world where all people can thrive.

Thank you for all the blessings in our lives and all the blessings yet to come.

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